What is the technical specifications of the Mona Lisa Display?

The Mona Lisa Display is a 27inch 4k resolution (3840x2160) 60HZ, 350 NITS, sRGB 100%, matte finished LCD display.  We use one of the highest quality LCD panels in the market today, balancing price and performance for everyday and semi-pro/professional use.  Not all LCD are made equal.  Our panels will outperform most panels with similar specifications.  The I/O's include 1 HDMI 2.0, 1 DisplayPort 1.4, 1 USB-C port that can deliver 4k video and up to 85 watts of charging power when using a Thunderbolt 3 rated cable for best results.  

When will the optional INTEL NUC board be available?

We will release information as soon as it becomes available.  INTEL® NUC board can be purchased from us or from elsewhere, but will require our Custom NUC Cable Set for best results.   Remember you will need to purchase and install an operating system on your own.  We do not provide support for your operating system.  You would need to contact respective vendors.  (Either WIN10 or LINUX)

When will you ship?

Our current estimated time to ship is SPRING 2022.  We will take Pre Orders once we confirm our ship date.  Please sign up for our newsletter for the latest information regarding all things MONA LISA DISPLAY, new features, production highlights, and more.  You can also contact us at general@qwerkytoys.com at anytime.

How much is it?

Our current estimated cost is $1499.99 USD but it's subject to change based on component availability, raw material costs, and other factors.